thailand sculpture, thailand sculpt, thai sculpt, wood sculpture, wood sculpt, thailand carve, thailand handicraft
ThaiSculpt - thailand sculpture, thailand sculpt, thai sculpt, wood sculpture, wood sculpt, thailand carve, thailand handicraft
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The wood carves of Lanna
The wood carves of Lanna
Formerly Lanna person has had skill in wood carving very beautiful. By see from wood carving in building Buddhist to use in Buddhism activity.
Now wood carving still is the activity that is famous of Chiangmai city and a province are neighboring. Although, the work carves of Chiangmai new model will different from the work of Lanna like originally.
20 - 30 Period of time periods last year, the life and the culture of Lanna person have development different from originally lifestyle. Modern life and tourism industry that grow up to go up quickly bring about utensil production and modern furniture and doing souvenir which do that greatly affect to wood carving modified by ever have doing is in a temple comes to the production in industry system cause wood carves products modified. Wood sculptors seek very difficult. However in among modifies of the social a sculptor is like originally of Lanna still enough have descender. The cause that the work carves the wood of Chiangmai is that is acquainted with more the elsewhere. Because, in Chiangmai still have a sculptor like originally stay and Chiangmai still stay near resource place have teakwood.
The wood carves from Chiangmai is one industry work at is famous and popular in the North (Thailand). The cloth weaves a hand, the silverware and the lacquer ware, wood carves have the position is exports of the locality goes to other province of the country or foreign countries (international). Almost 30 last year will have the wood carves to are a souvenir from Chiangmai is just wood elephant carves by villagers group who has skill in city wall Chiangmai. Begin at Baan Nanta, Baan Puag Chang later have spread production goes to Amphur San Pa Tong is at Baan Kew Lae Noy, Baan Nurg, Baan Mae until those villagers is known that can carve very beautiful.
When the tourism begins to expand. The antiques art that sneak to import from Burma is most popular. Burma government begins more strict. A store has in Chiangmai then hires ethnic tribe in northern Thailand technician from Burma comes in to do of copy. Cause technician in Chiangmai learn the way carves from Burmese technician.
The work carves the wood still is the craft of Lanna next again long. The economy that improve, knowledge that improve, cause the understanding and appreciate with the craft these thing will participate to make technician natives skillful can support yourself with the craft of them.
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thailand sculpture, thailand sculpt, thai sculpt, wood sculpture, wood sculpt, thailand carve, thailand handicraft